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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lost and found, what to do?

For your lost items, send an e-mail to Tell us what, when and where you have lost your belongings. De Tolhuistuin is a big complex, so at times it might take a while for something to show up. By sending an e-mail we have your personal information and we will inform you when we have found your belongings.

I have dietary restrictions or food allergies

Café-restaurant THT has a extensive allergy index. If you have a severe allergy, you can contact so we can discuss with the chef.

Can I have dinner/lunch with over 10 persons in the restaurant?

For availability from 11 to 40 persons please send an email to For large groups we have a limited amount of seats available that can be book in shifts. From up to 20 guests we served a fixed menu.

I'm having trouble with (e-)ticket sales, who should I contact?

For ticket sales for concerts by Paradiso, you can check the FAQ's on Paradiso's website of call the reception 020 - 626 45 21. For other questions regarding tickets, please contact

Do I have to print my e-ticket?

This is possible if you conform to certain conditions: your e-ticket is ready on your smartphone, your screen brightness is set to its highest setting and there are no cracks in your screen.

Are there seats available during concerts?

If a concert is seated, it will show on our website. If it doesn't show, the concert is only standing. If you can't stand for too long, please contact!

I have difficulties walking. How do I get to the Concertzaal?

If you are in a wheelchair or otherwise require mobility assistance you can use the elevator. Enter the venue through the main entrance on the ground floor of the Paviljoen, entrance A, on IJpromenade 2. The concert hall on the first floor is accessible by using the elevator. Please give notice at the ticket control for them to help you with the elevator.

I have difficulties walking. How do I get to the restaurant?

There is an elevator in the Paviljoen. Enter the Paviljoen (on IJpromenade 2) on the ground floor, entrance A. The elevator is at the end of the hallway, on the left side of the stairs.

Can I rent a space in de Tolhuistuin?

Yes, you can. There is different options for big, medium and small rooms and spaces. Please consult the page ’to rent’ for further information.

Where can I park my car?

It is very easy to get to de Tolhuistuin by public transport and bike. Do you still want to come by car? The closest parking spots are at the parking A'DAM Toren. Use the navigational adress: Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS. From the parking it is about 150 meters untill the Paviljoen, the main building of de Tolhuistuin. It is also possible to park your car in the city center of Amsterdam at Parking Centrum (Oosterdokstraat 150). From there you will have to take the ferry to Buiksloterweg at the north of Amsterdam Central Station.

Can I come perform at de Tolhuistuin?

For Tolhuistuin program inquiries please contact

Is de garden publicly accessible?

In the daytime, between sunrise and sunset, the garden is open for everyone to come have a stroll. In some exceptions there are payed events. In this case you will have to buy an entrance ticket for the event. When the bar is openend, it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Can I work at de Tolhuistuin?

You can check if there are any open positions on the page ‘vacatures’.