In de Tolhuistuin

Progress Bar

Aanvang 22:00

Entree € 12,50 vvk / € 15,00 deur / € 20,00 weekendpas

Progress Bar is very excited to present two club nights during Sonic Acts Academy 2018.

Friday 23 Feb
23:00 Wartone
23:30 Anni Nöps
00:00 Geng
00:30 Violence
01:15 Dreamcrusher
01:50 Swan Meat
02:40 Moor Mother
03:25 M.E.S.H.
04:20 Kilbourne
05:15 Born in Flamez

Saturday 24 Feb
23:00 Juha
00:00 Lyzza
00:40 Linn da Quebrada
01:25 Dinamarca
02:20 Ase Manual
03:15 DJ Lycox
04:10 DJ Haram
05:05 Drippin

Progress Bar aims to represent radical equality, communality and hopefulness. We are a growing community of artists, academics and activists who occupy clubs for a better politics. When confronted with the world today – institutional inequality, neofascism, platform capitalism, austerity and a dying planet – being happy becomes a political act. We support radical club cultures that believe resistance is necessary in order to change the world. Or, as a play on the famous quote by the feminist and anarchist activist Emma Goldman: If I can dance, I want to be part of your revolution.

Sonic Acts Academy takes place from 23 to 25 February 2018 at various locations in Amsterdam North, including Dansmakers and Paradiso Noord – Tolhuistuin, with several pre-festival events at the EYE Filmmuseum and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.