In de Tolhuistuin

Green Bootcamp Challenge – voor studenten in Nederland

Aanvang 14:00
Entree € 17,50 via gsbc@greenlivinglab.org, tot 29 April, exclusief voor studenten in Nederland.

We are delighted to launch this year’s Green Student Bootcamp Challenge Netherlands tour at the beautiful Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord. Students from all universities and colleges are welcome to join, and from any study course. See how you can participate & book your space below.

‘Where Life Begins: Soil & Seeds’, with the Green Living Lab & Commonland

Lecture with Q&A: Commonland tell us how restorative solutions can reverse the degradation of the land and water systems that are the basis of life on earth, and bring back prosperity to both people and planet.

Green Living Lab Workshops:
– Sowing Seeds. A guide to growing healthy plants at home.
– Home Composting. Build healthy soil for your own garden or your local community garden and learn how to make profit from waste by turning your kitchen scraps into compost with a worm hotel.